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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 22, 2007, 7:13 AM


*No distasteful use of stock
*Credit me and link back to me on the description of your final work
*Let us know that you have used our stock by comment on the stock used or via note (please, not on the front page as I may miss them)
*If you wish to use them from prints, ask me. We are happy to say yes

And check the scrabs too!!!

NO!! I did it and all the data get lost...

I am so sorry but I do not have time to do this again.. I will feature all of yours six work after wednesday as I did it (but when I push add I got no response and back - blank.. :cry:)

Anyway, those special mentsions are:
when the rain falls... by pekthong manual trauma by pekthong i am nothing by pekthong love by pekthong drowning within her lullaby by pekthong one drop by pekthong

Galactic Mortal by inthename Check Yourself Inverted by inthename Imagining Perspective by inthename Wishes by inthename Psyche by inthename Hidden Treasures by inthename

Wouldn't It Be Nice... by grane With That Which Once Was by grane Seduction vs. Innocence by grane Final View by grane Goddess Contest: Diana by grane Aerial Arial by grane

The underworld of the Dream by tb-black Murder during one Winter night by tb-black The Sounds of a War by tb-black The Virgin: Full size by tb-black Your wings have been broken by tb-black :thumb48868286:


Oberon and Titania by Taurina Warm Sand by Taurina Faery Sword by Taurina Ostara by Taurina Mermaid's Comb by Taurina Hope by Taurina

The Traveler's VisitorsThe chips of spun sugar and diamond continued to float down across the barren landscape, making deep drifts of fallen stars. The frigid flakes had been falling for several hours, though their numbers had been decreasing steadily for some time. The sun in the northern sky could be seen nearing the horizon through what was left of the gray clouds. Night was approaching, and little stirred across the barren expanse of snow, save for a lone figure trudging its way determinedly over the unmarked landscape of white.
Covered by a black cloak from head to toe, little could be told about the intruder in this serene scene. They were armed with a dark, supple bow and a full quiver, and had the air of someone who was confident in their skills as an archer. They strode purposefully across the flat stretch of land, aiming for a line of snow-laden pine trees to the northwest. Their reason was clear: one would have to be insane to spend a night out on the flat land, open to the elements and any danger
Moonlit Twilight by KeeperoftheRealms New Wings by KeeperoftheRealms Labyrinth
There was but a moment
When I knew you'd see me falling,
Pitching blindly forward into neverending night.
It's not just the perception,
But also in deception
To magnify the power
Of the darkness' crushing might.
You could look forever,
And still never hear me calling.
Searching through the blackness that in which you have no sight,
A swift, chilling reception,
Results in a conception
And makes a deadly hunter
Of the dark with just one bite.
One day I will find you,
Moving on you are still stalling,
Sure that in the darkness I'll be searching for a light.
You'll offer your protection,
And heed my firm rejection:
I can now defend myself
And put up amazing fight.
I will stand up proudly,
Not believeing I'm appalling
Feeling I have claimed that which has always been my right.
There shall be no redemption,
But you are no execption,
We'll always be together
As our lasting love takes flight.
Potential by KeeperoftheRealms Falling to Earth by KeeperoftheRealms

Sadness and Jealousy by BJustice Positive Landscape by BJustice :thumb49031048: :thumb49030836: Sketch 38 by BJustice Big to Small Final by BJustice

Valley of the shadow of death by zombiebe10u SHE LOVES ME..LOVES ME NOT by zombiebe10u One Million Years BC by zombiebe10u Silence by zombiebe10u VINCENT PRICE by zombiebe10u ROB ZOMBIE by zombiebe10u

the sad story ofthe good fairy by coseta keep your fairy happy by coseta the fairy who wished wings 2 by coseta and the princess stopped... by coseta Qui-Gon Jinn by coseta Once upon a time... by coseta

Long Black Veil by ELaiNeLight Dark sky by ELaiNeLight Grey eyed Man by ELaiNeLight Moon on the horizon by ELaiNeLight Hope by ELaiNeLight

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KeeperoftheRealms Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Student General Artist
I didn't see this journal >.< So it's really belated, but thank you so much for the feature!
Iardacil-stock Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007   Photographer
You still can: [link]
inthename Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007
Thank You so much for the feature! :excited:every thing looks beautiful!:clap:
inthename Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007
Thank You so much for the feature! :excited:Eeverything looks beautiful!:clap:
eaglenebula Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007
thanks a lot dear :)
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